Cargo transports by vessels and roro-traffic on ferries continue without restrictions on entry

These pages contain Information on transport and mobility related matters in Finland during Covid19 -outbreak. These pages have been updated on April 6, 2021.

Government of Finland examines international country specific pandemic situation every two weeks, in order to decide on possible changes of entry conditions. The prevailing instructions by the Border guard and National Institute for Health and Welfare in force are found in the below links.

Freight transport and logistics personnel (also seafarers) during assignments is considered an essential reason of entry from all countries. It is recommended that hygiene measures, social distancing, and use of face mask in crowded places and closed spaces when social distancing is not possible, are followed.   

For guidelines on up-to-date hygiene and safety distance recommendations and recommendations for voluntary quarantine, see the National Institute for Health and Welfare websiteInstructions for passengers and employees arriving in Finland .

If you begin to experience symptoms of a respiratory infection and suspect a corona infection you can: 
- complete a symptom assessment at
- call the Finnish local health centre, an emergency clinic or the emergency support number at       116 117

Border guard: entry procedures to Finland  

EU, Schengen countries, and Third country normal border procedures have been reinstated in a number of countries, see Border Guard website . Border control is ongoing for a set of EU, Schengen countries, and Third countries.